Flora and Kluring

Flora and Kluring are the link between humans and trolls. They are the giant troll siblings who grew up among humans and then moved to the fairytale land of Tomteland. Therefore, they also speak both troll languages ​​and human languages. Kluring is a bit of a musician and likes to play on anything he comes across, on a comb, on a stump, etc. Sometimes he has accordion and harmonica. Flora loves flowers and she likes to pick them and smell them or give them away. She shakes out the flower seeds so she helps sow new flowers and likes to tell the children about it. It is the forest fairies who have taught Flora how important it is to sow flowers that can help the bees… Both Flora and Kluring are very down to earth and close to nature and plants. They love to be in nature and are often seen wandering around the forests around Tomteland in their slow, slightly mischievous way. Flora and Kluring have hearts of gold and are tender for everything and everyone in Tomteland. They are restless creatures who often involuntarily end up in exciting adventures where they often make important contributions that show that even if you are small and scared you can do great things. They are of course experts on wild trolls because they are trolls themselves and are often seen in the Troll Forest where they teach people everything there is to know about the wild trolls.