This is the fairies

There are several kinds of fairies. I älvaskogen bor både skogsälvor och dimälvor. Like most other magic figures, they are small in their natural size and they look almost like insects when they use their wings to fly. The fairies can transform and become as big as human. They loses the ability to fly, but they can be seen dancing between the trees. Their fun littl houses sit far up in the trees and are suitable for the small insect rivers. They only eats when they are in small sizes. A drop of dew may be enough to quench your thirst and a tiny stick with spun, yummy cobwebs.

The forest fairies are curious and playful and love to dance between the trees in the fairy forest. They have a special whistle language but have also learned some human language. They often have colorful little plant-like clothes and when they fly around in their small size they can easily be confused with colorful dragonflies.

The mist fairies are cool and mysterious they are colorless insect-like creatures when they are small and live in pupa-like river nests that sit high up in the trees. The mist fairies can also turn into mist, so-called river fog. Maybe you have ever seen such fog in a meadow one early morning. Then you can do the fairy test. Turn to the fog and close your eyes. If it starts to tingle in the stomach, then it is fairies in the fog.