The fairies

Fairies, like other forest creatures, have magical powers and can make themselves large or small at will. In their normal size, they are small like insects and live in small colorful houses or fairy nests. Beautiful colorful butterflies and dragonflies are usually, if you look closely, just little forest fairies. The fairies can only change size at dawn and dusk. The birds are the fairies’ best friends. The fairies have their own language, which is actually very similar to that of the birds. It sounds like a kind of funny whistles just like birdsong. When the fairies and the birds talk, it becomes a horrible life, they whistle into each other’s mouths. However, some forest elves have learned human language. Fairies and flowers belong together. The forest fairies’ clothes are made of flower petals and plants. When the fairies are small, they can sometimes sleep over in a flower. They curl up in the middle of the flower and pull the petals of the flower around them like a blanket. Fairies love flowers and flowers love fairies. The forest fairies know that bees and flowers are very important to all life on earth. If bees and bumblebees do not pollinate plants and flowers, a third of the food we and the animals need will disappear. Fairies usually help the bees find flowers to pollinate, and many fairies have the job of planting more flowers on the earth so that the bees can do their important work. Therefore, the forest fairies gladly invite all people to help grow flowers and make insect nests. When forest elves dance, fairy crystals form on the ground that have magical powers or protect against evil magic. Forest elf dance, unlike mist elf dance, is not dangerous to be drawn into, on the contrary, a forest elf dance gives energy and strength. The forest fairy who is usually found on Älvaberget or in the Älvaboden in Tomteland loves to dance and likes to teach her forest fairy dance to everyone she meets.