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Should you find out afterwards that it was something you wanted to buy, you can always visit our online store where most things are.


Tomteland largest store, where you can find toys, books, souvenirs and stuffed animals. There are also nice costumes, gift items and much more. You will also find lollipops, candy canes, chocolate, cotton candy and much more yummy that are crowded on the shelves.


A small shop at the entrance that has both small and good. Here you will find stuffed animals, toys, drinks, and more. Here you can also buy a gold ticket to Tomteland, for someone you like.


Here you will find everything you need to be able to be as cunning and brave as Huldran.

Lottery booth

Here you can buy lottery tickets to win fabulous prizes and fish in the fishing pond. Summertime: Plant seeds, that you can take home to help the bumblebees. Borrow a life jacket if you want to go out on Lake Aurora.


Here you can put out your thirst with a refreshing drink and check out all the naughty dragon stuff