Welcome to ghost holiday!

At Häxans ghost holidy, a lot of exciting adventures await with the fairytale characters you recognize, but above all with the characters you only meet at Ghost holiday. The lantern man who lives in his mysterious Lantern House in the middle of the Shadow Village. Vampyria and her Bat Bear sneak around the Enchanted Forest and the Fire Elf offers fantastic fire shows in Dragonland.

In the troll kingdom, you meet the trolls and the Troll King of course. The troll house is disgustingly decorated by the trolls and in the shadowland awaits Vittran and all the aliens, here you will also meet Vampyra and her bat bear Fridolf and then Lyktgubben and many other spooky characters ….

In the dragon land, the dragons are threatened by a nasty Dragon Hunter. Eldalven’s fire show to Drakälvan’s song is magical and calms the dragons. Feel free to come a little spooky dressed up so you blend in with all the trolls and witches. There is a lot to see and do during the ghost holidays, all of which end with a super cool ghost holiday disco and the grand finale of the melody festival. See you at Tomteland’s Ghost Holiday … if you dare!