About Tomteland

Enter a world full of fantasy, sorcery and magic!

Far inside the beautiful Dala forests next to Gesundaberg is a real fairytale land. Here among lakes and waterfalls are the Troll’s kingdom, the forest of the fairies and Santas own village with several exciting places that you have so far only visited in the fairy tales. But here is everything for real! Here you play with the Witch, hunt trolls and go on fairy walks through the forest. Here are adventures and fairy tales from morning to evening.

Santa himself rules the fairyland and all fairy tale characters and creatures with a gentle hand and a heart of gold. In the Troll Kingdom, the evil and jealous Troll King lurks. He does everything to make a mess and take the power from the kind fairy tale characters. So while the forest elves sneak behind the lingonberry rice and the elves dance between the trees, the Troll King puts his plans into action. It will be the Santa Clauses’ task to put an end to the Troll King’s insidious ideas with the help of all visitors. Yes, in Sagolandet Tomteland you never have a quiet moment, exciting things happen here all the time.

The adventures and experiences are becoming greater and greater at Tomteland. The fairytale land grows with each passing year. More new environments await and more fairy tale characters than ever move in Tomteland’s forests …

In summer, the forests abound with fairy tale characters in magical places such as the forest of the fairys, where they live, the land of dragons, where the Elven is and the dragon baby lives and the Shadowland where the cruelties and the weather prevail. In the troll kingdom, you get to meet the trolls and the Troll King, on Sagotorget lives Sagofen, the witch and many more. Huldran guards in Huldran’s glade. The summers are magical in the fairytale land Tomteland.

In winter, when a sparkling magical atmosphere hovers over Tomteland, you can dance around the Christmas tree with Santa’s elves, ride a horse and sleigh, Adventure in the enchanted forest, see the magnificent winter people with the king and queen of winter and play with the winter elves Sparkle and Spark. At Sagotorget you can hug the living snowman Dusty and the snow monster Drivan, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream in front of the fire in the Workshop and step into Santa’s and Santa’s cozy house.

In the land of fairytales, everything is for real and anything can happen. Be so sure it does too!
So take someone by the hand and step into a world full of fantasy, sorcery and magic.