This is Mrs. Santa

Mrs Santa is a good and wise old woman who always has a twinkle in her eye. You can often hear her clucking laugh as she sits with knitting in her hands in her favorite armchair. She has a great interest in crafts and thinks it is important to keep old craft traditions alive. She is also phenomenal at cooking and her juices and jams are widely known – not to mention what a bun party it is among the gnomes when there is freshly baked bread! In other words: a real grandmother of all the children. Has been married to Santa since 2010. They met on the top of Gesundaberget over 300 years ago. Santa was out walking in the forest when he suddenly heard an “ATJOOO!” from inside some raspberry bushes. Curious, he looked to see what it was that sounded. There stood Santa Claus with a basket full of raspberries and snowdrops. “Yes, it tickled my nose so much that I was allowed to sneeze,” Santa Claus usually tells with a laugh. “Repeatedly!” “Lucky,” Santa usually says. “Otherwise I might have just passed by and we would never have met.” When Santa isn’t at Santaland, she’s basking over the old house at the North Pole, where there’s still a lot of Christmas gift-making to do. She is also good at reading maps and is the one who lays out the routes for Santa’s travels at Christmas.