The fairytale message


From Tomtekraftvisan: “Take care of nature, the climate and the animals. Be nice to others and learn from each other.
I believe in myself I swear, I am good as I am “…
It all starts with the belief in one very important person, says Santa to the children, namely faith and love for himself. That you are good, just as you are, that you are valuable and loved for who you are. Santa power is a magical force that starts to work when you remind yourself of these very important things and with Santa power bubbling in itself, magical and fantastic things can happen.

Nature animals man

Here at Tomteland we talk a lot about how important it is to care of each other and about the animals and nature. Many of the fairy tale characters who live on Tomteland protect nature, such as Elven e.g. He knows everything about plants and speaks nature’s secret sign language.

Santa usually says that it is important that we all take responsibility for nature and the animals, because they can not speak for themselves and say no if they are treated badly. Showing each other love and respect is also important and learning from each other. We are different and that is good, says Santa. We belong together, all different people, animals and nature have a common home – Mother Earth.

When we all feel comfort, security and love, then Mother Earth feels good and the magical GOOD forces grows strong.

Together we are strong!

Together, it’s easier to do good things for the world. The Collett family, who own Tomteland, have for many years given their support to organizations that work to make our world better. We can all be involved and contribute and get involved in different ways. We want to recommend organizations that gather people’s commitment and work for a better world.

Our environmental care

At Tomteland, we try to make sustainable choices and efforts so that our business has as little impact on the environment as possible. Here are some examples.

In the summer of 2020, Tomteland reduced its food waste by 75%
Hooray this summer we have reduced our food waste by 75% !!!! in Verkstan’s lunch restaurant thanks to the fact that we hand out the main course and then only have the accessories – different kinds of potatoes, salads, sauces and stir-fries on the buffet.

Plates of banana leaves. 
Sometimes when there are extra guests in the fairytale land, we use banana leaf plates, which is a completely degradable product that is also made from residual products on the banana plantations and which creates jobs in poor countries. The banana leaf plates have less environmental impact than washing dishes.

The taste of Dalarna
We work with several of Mora’s and Siljansbygden’s producers of food and drink. Siljans Chark, Mora brewery, Rättviks Ice Cream and more. By choosing local ingredients from ex. At Siljans Chark, we cherish our local farms that show extra great care for their animals. The transports of our raw materials are short and Siljans Charks Farm pigs from farms around Siljan receive locally produced food

We can all be involved and contribute and get involved in different ways. We want to recommend organizations that gather people's commitment and work for a better world.