Sagofén is one of those who have existed the longest in Tomteland and she keeps the fairy tales alive by sprinkling a special fairy dust which she grinds in her mill. She also has her wand “Stella” which she uses in the fight for good. Pink, gold and glitter are particularly weak for Sagofén and she almost always dresses in this. Despite the fact that she and the Witch are opposites, they are best friends, even if the friendship is bordered by mischief and teasing. The fairytale fairy is also secretly in love with Elven, which she shows in both words and actions – but unfortunately Elven doesn’t understand it, but sees her as a good friend. She always believes the best about everything and is a strong and confident girl who knows what she wants and is good at speaking up when she thinks something is wrong. She is fair and always takes the side of the weak. She carries her magic wand which she uses to spread joy and magic around her.