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A magical Summer

Several exciting news are waiting for you in Tomteland!

Our heroes Huldran and Alven are back together with the domestic trolls Flora and Kuring who know all about all the exciting news in Trollrike. Trollrike grows and here you can play in the troll house, meet our wild trolls in the new troll forest and

NEW exciting experiences with all fairy tale characters are offered around the 18 hectare park. The Wizard King is smarter than ever and will do anything to make it happen in our magical fairyland. Luckily, Alven is loaded to the brim with his magic bow and his friends from the enchanted forest Skogsryaden Naturia and so Huldran of course.

In Enchanted Forest, Draklandet grows. The elf is in place to feed the hungry dragon baby Eldar who has got two new dragon friends. The lava dragon Kraffla and the cute little blueberry dragon.

In Skugglandet where Skuggvittran rules, there are more and NEW exciting experiences. The Grymvättarna are worse than the worst and Huldran needs all the help she can get to cope with the game in Skugglandet ….

In Sagofén’s pavilion, exciting NEWS await and the Witch’s house has NEW things to discover.

< In Älvaskogen, the elves dance and the new Älvadrottningen, below Älvaberget, the water sparkles invitingly. Here you can both swim and go boating and celebrate the summer with your friends from the world of fairy tales!