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A magical Summer

Several exciting news are waiting for you in Tomteland!

In the summer, the fairytale land are full of excitement and magic. The fairy tale characters and all the exciting summer adventures and activities await for you.
The day starts in the Gnome village, you will surely meet fun forest elves like Torgil Trana and Tant Tora. Next door is Näcken’s lake where he can appears with his encanting violin playing. 

In the kingdom of the fairies you can meet two kinds of elves, the forest elves who lives on the fairie hill and the mysterious mist elves who dance in the mist elves forest. If you are lucky, you may also meet the Queen of the mist elves there 

Below The kingdom of the elves the water in lake Aurora glitters invitingly. Here you can both swim and ride a boat and tow barge.

Up in the mountains that surround Tomteland is the troll kingdom where big trolls and small trolls live and then the evil Troll King Ogab who always wants to take power of the whole Tomteland. The Troll Queen Undah who come to visit sometimes challenges the Troll King in magical battles. 

Below the Troll kingdom does Santa and Ms Santa live in their cozy house. Here is also the Fairytale square  where Sagofén, the witch, the prince and princess usually lives. Look around and play  in Sagoféns pavilion and the witch’s house.

In the Enchanted Forest there are more fabulous places to risk in. In Dragon land, the nature Elf and all his dragon keepers are in place to take care of all Tomteland’s dragons. The dragon baby Eldar, the cute little blueberry dragon Myrtilus and the big mischievous lava dragon Kaldera. Sometimes the dragons of the Dragon Land are threatened by the mysterious and dangerous dragon Hunter. 

In the Shadow Land, the Shadow Witch reigns Illvilja, together with their flying scavengers they little and poison the forest. Huldran, who lives in Huldran’s glade just outside the Shadow Land needs all the help she can get to defeat the weather. Only then does ther forest drought Naturias emerge and can heal the forest that the weathering and the cruelty destroyers have destroyed. Here in the Shadow village you can climb and play. 

In Naturia’s garden lives the forest dragon Naturia, she is very shy and only shows herself to people when she heals the forests. Then she comes forward and play so beautifully on her tree flute.