The elf Thinduril is a race from the elves whose main task is to protect nature and the animals and the good beings that live in the forest. Fights against evil and meanness, and is not afraid to face even the most powerful evil beings, like the Troll king. The elf is used to being alone and has an ability to create a sense of calm and safety around him. You can often notice in a forest if a guardian elf lives there, as the animals have a calm behavior and the plants are doing well. He is the guardian of nature and can talk to plants and trees through nature’s sign language. Fortunately, he can also speak the language of the people. He is connected with nature to the extent that he knows if any plant is not feeling well. If you break off a healthy branch, it hurts the elf. The elf is quite concerned about how nature is doing today and often talks to the children about things you can do to make Mother Earth feel better. The elf has a powerful magical weapon, his bow and his invisible magic arrows. The elf thinks about being afraid of nature and animals. Of all the animals, the Elf is especially fond of dragons. Together with Drakälvan, he has worked to summon dragons to Tomteland, the dragons’ sanctuary. In the summer of 2018, the female dragon Eira laid a large dragon egg outside Alven’s dragon house. The baby dragon Eldar was hatched from the egg in 2019, but Eira was scared into flight by the Shadow Wits and the gryvätters who moved into the Enchanted Forest / Shadowland. The elf and his dragon keeper have taken it upon themselves to feed the baby dragon until the mother dragon returns. In the summer of 2020, the blueberry dragon Myrti moved into Alven’s house and the large lava dragon Kaldera lives in the large meadow behind Alven’s house and usually appears behind the plank between the house and the dragon’s nest. Dragons are a red-listed animal species that are also hunted by dangerous dragon hunters, therefore the Elf is busy, together with the Dragon Elf and the dragon keepers, doing everything to protect the dragons in Tomteland.