Discover the fairytale land

All year around

With us, a lot of exciting things happen all year round, magical summers, scary ghost holidays, magical winters, mischievous sports holidays and fantastic Easter holidays! Read more below about what happens with us all year round.


Day program

Troll safari, baby dragon feeding. At Tomteland you get to take part in a lot of exciting things you’ve never been part of before. The daily program includes everything that happens in the various fairy tale worlds. Psst, if you want to check off just about all the adventures and experiences in the fairytale land, we recommend a 2-day visit!


Play & discover

Go by boat or take a dip in our lake. Plant flowers with the forest elves or play the shadow land game against the cruelties … or why not do all of that! With us, there are many activities to do during a visit. Learn more below what you can find with us.



Tomteland is large and there is a lot to see. Check out our beautiful hand-painted map with a lot of small funny details, where you can also read more about what is available in each area.



We have lots of different exciting fairy tale characters. From little fairies to big trolls, mischievous mice, dragons, witches and of course Santa and Mrs. Santa! Feel free to click on the button to find out more about them.



Read more about our messages and what we are extra passionate about!

Food & Drinks

Take a break and eat something good from our restaurant or café. On a chilly day, it can be nice to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. Brought your own food? Then you are just as welcome to come into one of our eateries to enjoy it.