Privacy policy & other information

What is a personal information?

A personal information is information that can be linked to you, for example. Name, email, phone number.

Why we process personal data & which

We collect and process personal data to make it easier for you as a customer when you, for example, choose to subscribe to our newsletter, buy something from our online store, buy tickets on our ticket page or participate in a competition arranged by us. We assume not to ask for more information than is needed. Here are some examples of personal data that we process:

  • Namn
  • Social security number
  • Contact information: address, e-mail and phone number
  • Information you voluntarily provide
  • Payment history
  • Payment information
  • IP-address

Storage of personal data

We do not store personal data for longer than is necessary. In a competition, we save information up to 20 days after the end of the activity. When subscribing to our newsletter, we save information until you unsubscribe. You can choose to have an extract of your personal data, make a change or have it deleted at any time.

Protection of personal data

Your privacy, confidentiality and personal data are protected by us so that unauthorized persons do not have access to it. Only staff who actually need to handle the data will have access to it. Our partners will also have access to certain information in order to be able to complete purchases with us and deliver products to the right address. We do not resell or omit information to any other third party.


When you choose to subscribe to our newsletters, you also agree to receive the following: News about what happens in the park during the year, news about new products in our web shop, and personal offers related to our business. You can completely opt out of our newsletter.


According to the Swedish law of Electronic Communication, everyone who visits a website with cookies must receive information about it. Websites under Tomteland’s operations use cookies that are stored on your computer to remember certain settings that facilitate your next visit to the site. The cookie does not contain any personal information and the information can not be used in any way. In order for it to be possible to log in and shop on this page, it is therefore required that you have cookies activated in your browser. You can at any time choose to delete the cookie and do so through your browser settings.