Huldran Yala

Huldran Yala is one of Tomteland’s most wise, experienced and strong forest beings. She belongs to the genus of woodpeckers whose peculiarity is that they are colored by the animal species they grow up with. Therefore, all forest animals have a very close and loving relationship with the animals. They understand the animals’ living conditions and can talk to animals in an animal way, through the communication of thoughts, images, feelings and moods. In Yala’s case, she grew up among the foxes in the forest, which means that she has adopted parts of the foxes’ appearance with a fox tail, fox ears and a snout-like nose. This means that she also has unusually sharp hearing, an excellent sense of smell and good balance (with the help of her tail) as she moves through the forest. Her purpose, like the Elves, is to be the protector of nature and animals. If forests and water are destroyed, the animals disappear. Huldran therefore fights a constant battle against everything that destroys nature and her main enemy is the Shadowwittran.