Visit the land of Fairytales in Easter time, we are open every day from March 28 til April 1.
A lot of exciting adventures with the fairytale characters are waiting. Easter craft, egg hunting and easter disco are also in the programme..
The easter bunny will have surprises and golden tickets to all children.
Tip! If you buy your entry on March 28, you get free entry all the other Easter days.

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The fairytale land is waiting for you!

In the magical forests outside Mora among high mountains, lakes and waterfalls lie the fairy-tale worlds of Tomteland. Here you will find The Troll kingdom, Dragonland, Gnoomes Village, The Fairytale Square, Shadowland, The Enchanted Forest and other magical places that you have so far only visited in fairy tales. You are the hero in the middle of all the adventures together with real live dragons, fairies, elves and trolls. All adventure takes place outdoors around the 18-hectare park, sometimes as big musical performances and sometimes as various exciting activities where you and the fairy-tale characters play and have fun together.

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Easter holiday

Just in time for Easter every year Sagofén invites you to a magical Easter celebration. With her is all her friends from the land of fairytales and of course the Easter Bunny, who brings a big magic Easter egg with surprises for all children. Tomteland is filled with exciting adventures all day long. If you want, you can dress up as an Easter bunny or another Easter figure and take part in an exciting and fabulous day in the fairytale land.


A magical Summer

In the summers, Tomteland is filled with excitement and magic.  All around the enchanted forests, the fairytale characters invites you to a large number of exciting summer adventures and activities. The summer is always our biggest time of the year.


The fairy tale characters

Have you ever encountered a live fairytale character? Maybe not, but here in our fairytale land you will meet mischievous trolls, dancing fairies, fantastic dragons, funny witches, cruel gnoomes and of course Santa! Get to know all the inhabitants of the Land of Fairytales here.


Our message

At Tomteland we talk a lot about how important it is to take care of the animals, nature and each other and that you are fantastic and wonderful just the way you are!
Read more about our messages and what we think is very importante!

Opening hours

Tomteland opens its doors at 09.45
The program starts at 10.00

March: 28, 29, 30, 31
April: 1

15 June to 11 August
17-18 August & 24-25 August
(Midsummer closed)

October: 29, 30, 31
November: 1, 2

November: 30
December: 1, 7-8, 13-23, 25-30 
January: 2-7

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