Corona 2023

At Tomteland, we keep ourselves continuously informed about the spread of the infection and closely follow the public health authority and the government’s recommendations and rules. In the text below you can read about how we adapted the park.

  • At Tomteland, all experiences take place with our fairy tale characters outdoors, around the various places in the park.
    In this way, the audience is well spread over the entire 18-hectare area.
  • Experiences, restaurants, points of sale and environments are adapted according to current rules.
  • We are also increasing the number of restaurants according to the number of visitors to the park.
  • We are increasing the number of fabulous environments.
  • We are increasing the number of fairy tale characters around the park.
  • New guest hosts will work around the park to expand the service for our guests.
  • Washing stations where you can wash your hands and hand alcohol stations are on display around the park.
  • Sanitary facilities are cleaned continuously.
  •  Information about thinking about keeping distance is communicated live by the fairy tale characters, via speaker systems around the park and via signs around.
  • The park is cash-free from this summer.
  • We want our guests to buy entrance tickets on our website to get smoother admission to the park.
  • Fridays-Mondays there are a little less guests in the park and Tuesdays to Thursdays a little more.

"We are close, but at distance"

Here you can see how all fairy tale characters adapt their greetings in a fun and safe way.