The shadow land

skugglandet karta final

Vittrans tower

Huldrans glade

Fire place

Naturias Garden

In the shadow land lives the nasty Grymvättarna and the evil Skuggvittran in the summers. Here you have to go at your own risk.
Vättarna and Vittran sneak around among the trees from time to time and try to prevent you from defeating them in Skugglandsspelet.

Join the Skuggland game yourself and help defeat the bad guys who live in Skugglandet! All our guests and all good fairy tale characters in Tomteland are the GOOD team that fights the EVIL team in an exciting game. The game is different activities and tasks that you have to do along the way through Skugglandet. For every person who completes the Shadowland Game, the GOOD get one point against the bad guys.

You get help from the characters who hide here and there along the road that you hear but may not always see….