The fairytale square

Lake Aurora

Miss Santa´s café

The great scene of the fairytale castle

The witch's house


horse and carriage

Right in the heart of Tomteland is Sagotorget. Here is the big midsummer pole in the summer and
the sparkling Christmas tree in winter. Here you will mostly find the Witch and the Fairy Tale and the Bus Mice and Prince Fabian and the Princess Fia Lotta with several fairy tale characters. A lot of fun things happen here all day.

The witch's house

The witch’s house is not like others! Here are a lot of weird things that only a real witch has in her home. The kitchen for secret witch brews, the pantry with rat tails and dried spiders and other goodies. In the hall are her magic shoes, the seven-mile boots, hats and of course, the Witch’s favorite broom Brutte.

Sagoféns pavilion

Right next to the glittering Lake Aurora is Sagofén’s pavilion. Here you will surely meet Sagofén who with his fairy tale powder mill grinds the magical fairy tale powder which is the magical ingredient in all the world’s fairy tales. In the summer of 2019, the fairy tale fairy opens the doors to her home. Enter the fairytale world of fairy tales and exciting things. Here you can also play and try the fairytale fairy’s clothes …

Santa & miss Santa's house

In Santa’s and Santa’s house you can see how they feel at home. There are many exciting rooms to experience.

The magical bedroom
Inside you can see the cozy bed with the colorful patchwork quilt and the beautiful bed canopy. Santa’s potty is hidden under the bed and his and miss Santas’s nightwear hangs on a hook next to the bed. The warm and large wool slippers are as usual on the edge of the bed.
Want to know how a real Santa sleeps? Lie down on the bed for a while and try!

The wishing room
In the wishing room, the elves go through the wish lists at night at the same time as they wrap the presents and tick them off. On a small table is Santa’s big guestbook where you can write your name.

The fragrant kitchen
In the window are the candy jars filled with candy canes and other yummy things, and in Santa’s pantry it smells of cinnamon, cardamom and other good spices that belong to Christmas. In the small fireplace, the morning porridge has been prepared by Santa himself, and he has of course seasoned it with his very special secret porridge ingredient.